Christmas concerts 2018

Behold, the children’s school Christmas concerts.

Not recorded was the entire school singing 12 Days of Christmas because we were the jerks that left early.

Let me explain.

Ella’s preschool gets out at 1 pm. Tristan’s kindergarten class gets out at 2:50. The concert was at 1:30 and we were told to show up at 1 p.m. to get seats, and immediately after Ella’s class finished their song we had to go get her.

As luck would have it, Tristan’s class sang the two songs we heard Tristan practising for weeks before Ella’s class. I was worried one of us would miss his turn while fetching Ella.

The Principal announced before the concert that all of the kids were going back to their classes after their performances. So once we grabbed Ella rather than climb back over the row of parents, grandparents, nannies, cousins etc. a second time to watch kids we don’t know sing off-key we figured let’s just go.

We couldn’t find T in his class immediately (weird, but whatever) so we went Xmas shopping with the intention of picking up Tristan at the end of the school day.

I drive up at 2:45 and the parking lot is half empty. Uh oh, I think. Sure enough, the school let out early. Thanks for the heads up Simonds administration. Tristan comes running up to me and says, “Mom, Mom you missed my third song!” Ugh. Parenting fail. Oh well, there’s always next year.